White Rice Fish
Personal art zine, 2009

I thought I have spent over half my life in Edmonton, and then at a indie art and craft fair, people kept asking whether I was local. Of course I am!!! was the initial thought, and tracking back to my past, may be I'm not. I was this frigging Asian girl in a predominantly white city.

Being part of the immigration wave in the early 90s from Hong Kong, the childhood I remember was in the 80s. It wasn't particularly happy, and it wasn't particularly sad. "White Rice Fish" is a very literal English translation of what the white canvas shoes are called in Cantonese. They weren't as well made as the same shoes you can buy today. They were the next worst thing to being bare feet, very utilitarian. As part of the school uniform, they put every kid in the same level ground.

You can get a copy at the LLH store.