Saisons des Lunettes
By Artmemis, Dirchansky, Koyar, Saicoink
Comic Anthology, 2009

It was the first book that I went hardcore DIY printing. Dirchansky and I always work on this photocopied zine that was going to be like 20 pages or so, and it always explodes to something that you can not simply staple together. I ended up investing in primitive book-making technologies, so we don't have to shell out thousands of dollars just to get stuff printed. The first run had screenprinted cover~

The comics themselves, I call them "stories about boys who like boys in glasses." I think that pretty much defined our comic collective. Dirchansky came up with the concept, and we built around the seasons of glasses love. Kim tried to join, but we already had enough contributors, so I refused to let her join the book. So she made "Jardin des Lunettes" which is a girl version of the same concept, "stories about girls who like girls in glasses."

It was a very important moment of Love Love Hill (which we haven't called it Love Love Hill yet, Love Love Hill just existed in our hearts), Let's go to Toronto! It worked so well.