Two Hundred and Twenty-One Bees are the books that I completely went overboard.

The book is like quarter size of a letter size page, and inDesign doesn't do 4-up for me (it can only do 2-up?) so I had to put all the pages into a pdf manually.

To further complicate this process, some pages are in colour, some pages are in black and white. So I had to compile two separate files so I can print them separately in two different printers to cut cost so the book doesn't become $20 per unit price. And had to make everything in multiples of 8.

All this makes a complete pain in the behind because I'm pretty much a one person factory line. Too much collating.

And then I screenprinted the cover.

And then I handbound all the books.

Bookmaking process (links to my tumblr pages with comments and photos)
- page layout process and estimating book thickness etc
- trimming and collating
- screenprinting the cover
- bookbinding

After slaving myself for a few hundred books later, when it was time for a second volume, I decided to scale back by not screenprinting the cover for I Will Follow You Holmes.